Thousand Step Waterfall & New Friends

We opted to stay in the greater Chiayi area a few weekends ago and were pleasantly surprised when our chill weekend turned into one of the most fun weekends I have had in Taiwan so far! After work on Friday, Emily and I set out for a nice dinner around the corner at a fancy Thai restaurant which had such a beautiful zen atmosphere. The food was phenomenal and the restaurant is now one of my absolute favorites in Chiayi. Our Emily date was a success! After dinner we cooled down with a breezy scooter ride to a rainbow bridge beside a golden temple. We strolled across the bridge and listened to the sounds of nature before venturing back towards downtown. En route, we stopped at a few plant shops and bought ourselves some plants because we decided we wanted pets! After browsing the vast selection of greens, we decided on a few different plants including my personal favorite – a venus fly trap! When in doubt, buy a plant that eats bugs. How badass is that? The newest additions to our little family. Later that night we planned to meet a few girls from Montreal who had just finished their contracts and were leaving Taiwan for good the following morning. We showed up at an American restopub near our house presuming it was just going to be us 3 girls and the 2 Montreal girls for a goodbye dinner and drinks but to our surprise they had rallied quite the crew! We met a bunch of amazing foreigners our age who had either just arrived in Chiayi or live in neighboring towns. We had an absolute blast together and our goodbye dinner turned into a nightlong adventure that resulted in getting home at 5 in the morning with the sun rising behind us. We met a guy from Texas, a guy from Florida, a guy from England, a guy from Australia, and even a Tazmanian man and we were so excited to recruit a few more members into our youth committee. The next morning we were up relatively early to scooter in a small caravan to the Thousand Step Waterfall about 40 minutes away in the mountains around Chiayi. This short ride reminded me once again just how lucky I am to call this astoundingly beautiful country home for a year. I fall in love with Taiwan again and again every time I wind through the mountains on a scooter. The trees, the valleys, the lakes, the villages, the fruit groves, the hills, the colors, everything is just beyond breathtaking. It will never get old. At last we found the trail head and descended the 1000 (ish) poorly placed steps down to the paradise-like blue-green pool at the bottom of a waterfall. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen! We crawled our way over slippery rocks into the turquoise water and swam the afternoon away, occasionally getting out to jump back in from a cliff. Later we explored the area, climbing over giant rocks and into little coves with smaller waterfalls. We braved these smaller waterfalls, sitting in them and losing our bottoms. We saw many fish, crabs, and shrimp. I could’ve stayed here all day if I had brought some snacks but eventually our hunger got the best of us and we had to leave our little paradise. The hike back up the 1000 steps was far more treacherous than the way down and we were all left panting and sweating, looking forward to the breezy ride back home. On our way we stopped at a Taiwanese restaurant that offers seating on an outdoor porch overlooking the jungle and Renyi lake. The company was awesome, the food was top notch and the view was unbeatable. We spent our night celebrating the birthday of our new friend we had met the previous night at a local dance club (the only dance club in the area…) called Mirrors. We danced and danced and had another late night, but the fun was worth the lack of sleep. I’m so excited to have found the hidden gem of the waterfall in our area as well as so many new wonderful members of the youth committee!
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10 thoughts on “Thousand Step Waterfall & New Friends

    • The Thousand Step Waterfall is in Chiayi County – I wish I had a more exact address but it’s pretty mcuh in the middle of nowhere in the mountains! However, if you follow Daya road out of Chiayi City straight on for about 40 minutes- 1 hour on a scooter, you will find it! It’s a spot that has been passed down from foreigner to foreigner in our area, when I asked some of my local Taiwanese friends, they didn’t seem to know about it otherwise I would be able to give you more information!

  1. I am planning on doing a blog post on waterfalls that I haven’t been to yet. It is a little tough to find blogs since I have already been to 85 waterfalls in Taiwan but not this one. I have plans to do this one sometime but I haven’t been able to plan a trip since I am going all of the other places. Would it be alright if I use one of your photos with links and credit to your blog?

    It looks like you are having a great time in Mexico.

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